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Dear Patients and Family members,

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We know that this year for many of you, as well as all of us, to date has been frustrating, confusing, and at times scary. We would like to take the time to thank our patients, families, community, and neighbors for taking the necessary steps to keep everyone safe. 

As we continue to learn more about COVID-19 (CoronaVirus) and recommended safe practices for primary care we have had to continually adjust to keep all of our patients as safe as possible while in our office for care. With this in mind we will have to ask for your continued assistance and patience during this unprecedented time. 


Many of you, or your family members, have likely been asked to either call the COVID hotline or to see one of our providers via zoom or phone call. While we understand the frustration of this please know it is an evidenced-based way to provide you care, has been shown to be a safe way to see patients, but most importantly helps to protect all patients and our staff. None of the steps that have been taken whether it is screening patients on the phone or seeing them via zoom are because we do not want to see all of you in the office. During this healthcare crisis we have been forced to take steps to protect all of our patients as well as our staff.  At this time; the recommendations are dependent on known exposure or fever. If you have had a known exposure you are encouraged to be tested and we will be happy to do a visit by zoom or phone. If no known exposure exists but you have a fever, cough, and/or muscle aches we are encouraging zoom and phone visits. It is possible to do in person but with special precautions in place. Unfortunately, this is the hand we have been dealt. Please bear with us as we work to keep our community, staff, providers, patients, and waiting room safe.


As flu season approaches we will likely be forced to continue these steps in order to provide the safest care for all our patients. Additional changes may also become necessary as we work to meet your healthcare needs in the safest manner possible. When changes become necessary as directed by the Indiana Department of Health, state and federal guidelines, as well as school guidelines we will always work to communicate these changes with you.

Our office is committed to providing you with the best healthcare possible as well as the access. For patients wishing to avoid public exposure we will be continuing to provide telemedicine services via zoom or phone visits. 

We thank you for your time, your understanding, and patience.


Drs. Lee, Rapp, Lee, Lee-Kalsch


NPs Oeth & Lee

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